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A gift of love & healing from the afterlife! Transformational Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness #afterlife #healing #relationships #love #lifecoach

Afterlife: A gift of Love & Healing!

A gift of love & healing came just few days after my mother-in-law’s passing, as she visited me with a profound message from the afterlife! She abruptly woke me up at 3am as she flooded me with her essence. She was there to help me understand her, and her role or example for the world. Her example was to stay connected with one another no matter what our differences were, and to stay active in each other’s lives. This had proven difficult for me during her life because she was a very strong & demanding personality type, and our relationship was tumultuous to say the least! However, she helped me to understand her & her purpose. This healing was very unexpected but extremely beneficial to me. Not only did I heal our relationship, this healing helped me heal & love myself.

Next she had a special request that I take her surviving husband to church that day. This was quite out of the ordinary because not only was I not a member of their church (the Mormons, LDS), I wasn’t affiliated with any organized religion. In addition, it was weird that her son-in-law was the one who was supposed to take her husband. Watch this sacred & heart warming video, where I share the amazing insights & choices that resulted from this profound afterlife experience!

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#afterlife #healing #relationships #love #lifecoach

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A gift of Love & Healing from the Afterlife!

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