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Become A Life Coach


Become A Certified Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Certified Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Cognitive Therapist

At our Coach Academy, turn your passion for helping others into a rewarding career! We offer rare, live, One-on-One training, so we can personalize your programs to suit your specific needs. In addition, we will ensure that you know what you’re doing to provide real & lasting change for your clients before we issue your certifications. Our advanced classes combine the most effective therapies, along with the latest Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) techniques to ensure that our students receive the best results possible! 

We create highly effective, successful coaches.

Changing the world one client & student at a time!”

Coach Academy with Manifesting Consciousness - Transformational Life Coaching

Your success is our success

Coaching Courses

  • Live: One-on-One Training, Not Videos
  • Advanced Life Coaching & NLP Training
  • Complete Life Coaching Business Evaluation
  • Business Start-Up Plan & Set-Up Guidance
  • Life Coaching & NLP Certifications
  • Teaching & Development Courses
  • Advanced Teaching Therapies
  • Business Profile Development
  • Life Coaching Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development Guidance & Help
  • Video Production: YouTube & Social Platforms
  • Live Webinar Training
  • Effective Sales Training
  • Business & Life Coaching Tools
Become A Successful Life Coach with Manifesting Consciousness

As a graduate of Manifesting Consciousness Academy, you will get all the help you need to become an amazing life coach! After completing our advanced programs, you will be armed with the information and tools needed to set up and run your own successful life coaching business.

Our unique advanced coaching system, utilizes rarely found affordable One-on-One, Face-to-Face live training to deliver fast results! Our advanced classes include certification programs for Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming).

These “Advanced Teaching Programs” are some of the most effective life coaching programs available because our programs quickly get to the “Core” issues that are the primary cause of all our suffering & limitations. These core issues block us from moving forward in life. If a life coaching program only focus’s on “Action Plans and Setting Goals”, they typically do not effect real and lasting change.

Addressing The Unhealthy Story

It has been my experience that you must first address and change the core issues in the individual before you can effectively move forward with plans & goals, otherwise, you can change the clients circumstances but it will not change their state of being. If you don’t address the unhealthy story in your clients heads, eventually, their self-destructive habits will re-emerge and derail their plans moving forward. Your “state of being” or “state of mind” determines your happiness and level of success you’re able to reach.

We start by teaching you the fundamental principles of life coaching which include our proven “Advanced Life Coaching Programs” that combine effective therapies, along with the latest Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Practices, to ensure our students achieve the best results possible. Next, we guide you in setting up your life coaching business including: Business Plan, Website Development, Marketing Strategy, and Social Media Platform. Finally, when we know that you understand how to be an effective life coach, we will certify you.

Our Ultimate Goal is to teach life coach’s how to teach life coaches effectively, so that we can change the world by eliminating the suffering caused by the deceptions of the Ego.

Your first two hour coach academy class is free! Try it out to see if becoming a life coach is right for you.

Watch this short video to learn more about my “Coach Academy”, philosophies & techniques.

By Invitation Only: 6 and 12 Month Coach Academy Master Programs

We offer exclusive 6 and 12 month Master Programs for individuals we specifically pick to take part in these limited, high-commitment, deeply transformative, coaching opportunities. These programs are for those who want to completely transform their lives, or for those who want to take their career or life coaching practice to a high performance level. These programs are strictly for serious, like minded individuals, who truly want to create real & lasting positive change in their own lives, and the world in which they live in.