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Awaken to Reality & Become Self-Realized

Manifest: Inner-Peace, Freedom, Joy & True Love

Transcend: Fear, Suffering, Stress, Limitations & Self-Doubt

Reserve a FREE 2hr life coaching “Power Session” to see if my transformational programs are a good fit for you & experience firsthand how powerful & effective my proven techniques are! I will provide the tools, insights & guidance you need to break the internal, unhealthy programming, which will empower you to live an amazing life! Call Travis: 1(801)557-5781

Travis Dumont - Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Owner of Manifesting Consciousness

Travis Dumont: Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

  • Fundamental Wellbeing
  • Transcending Ego Addiction
  • Healing Your Relationships
  • Marriage, Divorce & Parenting Issues
  • Healing Yourself at a Deep Core Level
  • Increasing Your Level of Consciousness
  • Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Drama
  • Cultivating Deep-Inner Peace, Joy & True Love
  • Overcoming Limitations & Self-Doubt
  • Breaking Unhealthy Thoughts & Limiting Beliefs
  • Discovering Your Life’s Purpose & Career Path
  • Advanced Spiritual Development – Higher Self
  • Academy: Become a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner
  • Integrating the work & philosophies of great spiritual masters such as: Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, David R. Hawkins, M. Scott Peck, Taylor Hartman, Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Gandhi, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha & many more, into your daily life!

“I’m passionate about helping people significantly improve their quality of life by transcending the unhealthy deceptions of the Ego & becoming Self-Realized.”

“Ego addiction is real & it can be the hardest thing that EVERYONE has to face & overcome. In fact, Ego Addiction leads into all other addictions and is the primary cause of our fear, suffering, limitations, & self doubt.”

Travis Dumont

Travis Dumont: My Techniques, Philosophies & Inspiration

As a transformational life coach, I am dedicated to helping my clients undo the unhealthy programming & conditioning we have been exposed to since birth.

I will show you how to see the Ego play out in your daily life while integrating the understandings of great philosophers, highly conscious beings & Avatars (Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna). In short, I will help you understand how the Human Experience works as you Awaken to Reality & become Self-Realized.

As you become conscious of reality, the “small ego self” will start to dissolve and along with it your fear, stress, suffering, limitations & self-doubts. This transformation will drastically change your experience of life & your well-being.

My personal journey through the awakening process has helped me create some of the most forward thinking, transformational, highly effective, non-traditional coaching methods available!

Watch the video above “Introduction to Manifesting Consciousness” to learn more about my methods, philosophies and inspiration that led to the development of my transformational life coaching programs.

Ego Addiction & Recovery

Ego = Deception = Suffering

My Transformational Life Coaching Programs will help you see the destructive consequences of Ego Addiction while providing the tools, insights & guidance you need to overcome it.

The Egos deception that we are “Lacking” in some way, is the primary cause of our: Fear, Suffering, Stress, Anxiety, Limitations & Self-Doubt. As we transcend this deception, we start to manifest: Deep Inner-Peace, Joy, Empowerment & Love.

Once I help you see the Ego playing out in your daily life, you will be able to question the insanity of it which will permanently & significantly improve your quality of life and your state of being.

When we try to prove that we are “Good Enough”, we reinforce a deep-seated core belief, that we are NOT good enough. This core belief slowly erodes the relationship we have with ourselves. You can’t love, honor & respect yourself when you believe an illusion about who you are. Once you transcend this lie, you will discover the beautiful, amazing, loving person you have always been underneath a layer of confusion.

Watch the short video above to learn more about: Ego Addiction & Recovery

Discover all of my transformational videos by subscribing to my free YouTube channel:

“Manifesting Consciousness”

Client Testimonials

Taylor Moyes: Life coaching with Travis is the best decision I’ve made so far in my life! He has helped me see the reality of myself and my life, and I experience far less suffering than before. After just 6 months of work I feel like a completely transformed person. I’m so grateful for Travis and his dedication to this work.

Wendy Komoroski: Impossible to state all the changes in my mindset since working with Travis as a coach, I would sum it up as life changing. He has a unique way of challenging me to look at life and my own experiences with a completely new perspective which has enhanced everything. If you are looking for more peace, joy, balance and motivation in your life, I highly recommend Travis. He is a gifted and knowledgeable coach and has grown into a treasured friend because of the experience I had with his coaching.

Caleb Pulver: Did the 6 month program and I am half way through right now. So far so good! He really cares about helping people out and gets to the meat and potatoes of life.

Anabella Bianchi: I HIGHLY Recommend Travis Dumont! He is someone that goes above and beyond and has a true passion for helping you discover your true self. He has helped me identify the lies and stories I have been telling myself that have limit me from realizing my true potential. He provides great exercises that allows you to go deeper in order to discover what is the core of who you are and what are the fears that are holding you back. If you are looking for a genuine and real change of perspective in your life, Travis Dumont will provide valuable insights and is a great guide and coach to help you achieve that and much more.

Matt M: Travis has done an incredible job understanding my background, personality and identifying when I was allowing my ego to continue to narrate my life. These sessions have been extremely helpful in realizing that I can choose to take ownership over what I can control. True to his word, Travis has helped me discover new things about myself and my life that I’ve never realized. I can’t recommend this business enough!

Aaron Sealander: My Mother died of breast cancer in May of last year after a seven-year battle. The entire experience had been very hard on my family and I. After much urging from various people, and even being lovingly coerced, I finally succumbed and decided to seek some emotional help. A friend of mine told me about Travis and what he does for people, and it actually aligned nicely with many of my Mother’s thoughts on life and a lot of what she studied during her last seven years on earth, so I decided to give him a try. It would be impossible for me to fully and adequately express how much he has helped me. I’m a new person; I’m a changed person. Of course, for the rest of my life, the loss I’ve experienced will be indefinite. But I have a new perspective on it now, and I’ve developed some skills that don’t just help me cope, they help me remain unblocked and open. My experience with Travis compelled me to leave a review, and I hope more people can benefit from his skill, clarity, and down-to-earth nature. Thanks, Travis! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Christian Elliott: Working with Travis was an extremely enlightening experience. I was very particular in my search for a coach and Travis was exactly what I was looking for. I found him to be the perfect balance between psycho-therapy to explore my story and the reasons for why I do things as well as more forward thinking life coaching. After every session I felt like I took away tools I could actually apply to the way I was approaching life. Tools which made me feel much more at peace and at ease with where I am at and where I am going. I couldn’t recommend Travis more as a coach and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Dan Hatfield: FIVE STARS

Drew Olsen: Travis helped me a surprising amount in the 4 sessions I had with him. His experience, personability, and passion for his work made it very easy to dive right in and find meaningful insights that helped me add direction and purpose to my life.

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