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Find the most amazing books & resources to continue your journey towards Self-Awareness.

Below are our favorite Author’s, Teachers, Books and Resources that proved the most pivotal in transforming our lives. We included our own book “Manifesting Consciousness” to offer an example of how the awakening process personally unfolded in our lives, and how self-awareness & increased consciousness, transformed and improved our quality of life!

Manifesting Consciousness, awakening, self awareness
A personal journey through the awakening process
Book Disclaimer
My book is not an easy read for some because it dispels the notion that the Awakening Process is easy by demonstrating that Self-Awareness requires hard work and an unrelenting dedication to the discovery of truth. It also requires that you take Full Responsibility for all of your choices, actions & beliefs. However, for those who dare to take the journey, what awaits can only be described as “Heaven on Earth”.
“Without taking responsibility for your life, you will never empower yourself to change it.”
Unfortunately for many of us, being a “Victim” is just too juicy to give up. After all, having someone or something else to blame for our problems, is one of the best reasons to stay stuck in that limiting mind set. As a consequence, this keeps us chained to a life that is stagnate and lacking of any real or lasting fulfillment. 
So in my book I portray how the Awakening Process can unfold in a real way by using my own personal experience as an example. This real life portrayal negates any fanciful ideas about the process and gives real world examples & scenarios that can be unsettling for some readers. However, the reason I decided to share my journey was to demonstrate that we all have many of the same fears, struggles, beliefs and challenges. And if I can transform my life, anyone can!
​Ultimately, this book is about the relationship we have with ourselves. As we begin to see a different person in the mirror, by discovering who we are and learning to truly love ourselves, all of our relationships will change to reflect the new person, that has always been there, that is emerging within us. All of life is a projection of how we see ourselves. As a natural consequence, our ability to see, accept, and love who we are, will allow us to see, accept, and love others to the same capacity. Therefore, as we change through Self-awareness, all of our relationships will improve. Of course, that doesn’t mean all of our relationships will continue.
My hope is to inspire others to take the journey towards Self-Awareness, despite how difficult and scary the journey can seem at times, because Self-Awareness is the only path to true Peace, Joy, Fulfillment & Love!

My Book: Manifesting Consciousness

This autobiographical story about my personal internal transformation, was written primarily to example how one’s perception of “Self” can dramatically change through increased Consciousness and Self-Awareness.
I’ve come to the understanding that everything in life happens for our growth of consciousness. Throughout my on-going awakening journey, hindsight has taught me that this philosophy is true. In fact, my personal experience has been so transformational, that I felt compelled to write about it. 
In my book “Manifesting Consciousness”, I challenged myself to talk about my personal life in an effort to show that many of us share the same fears, anxieties, struggles, un-healthy thoughts, and challenges in life. In addition, I tried not to sugar coat, exaggerate, embellish, over-dramatize, or diminish anything in an effort to keep the information as accurate and relatable as possible. In short, I wanted to keep it real!  
For those who don’t relate to my personal experiences, or if you don’t share any of the same philosophies or values, you probably won’t find my book very interesting. However, for those who do relate to the material, the information and insights contained within the pages can be very transformational because:

“What one person can do, another can do.”

This was an accurate account of how I began to awaken to the reality of my life, despite the fact it was nightmarish in places! For me, the awakening process was not easy. It required extreme dedication to the discovery of “Truth”, which meant I had to look at the most undesirable aspects of my character, and the unhealthy choices I had made up to that point in my life. After seeing the consequences and results of living an unconscious ego-driven life, I then had to take 100% responsibility for all of it, so that I could empower myself to make the changes I desired.
Transcending my unhealthy, limited and untrue thinking, revealed to me the amazing life I already had, and it opened up the unlimited possibilities for so much more! Everything happens for a reason and our benefit. We’ve been sent nothing but Angels and opportunities (no matter what form they may appear in). Life is happening for me, NOT to me. Knowing this, I only have gratitude for every person and experience in my life, and now, I just want to be of service.
“Thoughts aren’t personal. The only meaning they hold is the meaning we give them.” 
-Byron Katie

“Everything in life happens for a reason, our growth, & our support”

-Travis S Dumont

“Give a person a fish, feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, feed them forever. But teach a person to teach a person to fish, and you will change the world.”

-Kaine Ramsey

The following four author’s; Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, David R Hawkins, and Taylor Hartman, were some of the most influential teachers on our path towards self-awareness and increased consciousness. As a consequence, we regularly refer to their work throughout our advanced life coaching programs. We highly recommend reading their work!

Byron Katie: Loving What Is

Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is”, offers one of the most practical solutions to examine and let go of our un-true thoughts. She calls her process “The Work” which simply has you think of a stressful thought, question it, do a turn-around, and finally see it isn’t true.

“The Work” is very simple to understand, yet it proves to be very enlightening and somewhat shocking as to what insights begin to emerge! Like any effective transformational work, it is not for the faint of heart, or those who are not truly committed to the process of self-awareness. That being said, she has utilized “The Work” with almost every age group, and in almost every type of environment. It seems work on anybody who is ready and willing to see truth.

Byron Katie is an incredibly aware being who has dedicated her life to helping others free themselves from painful thoughts.

When you visit her website, click on the “How To Do The Work” tab to pull up the page where you can download the free worksheet.

Byron Katie - Loving What Is
Click on the photo above to purchase “Loving What Is”

Eckhart Tolle - The Power Of Now
Click on the photo above to purchase “The Power Of Now”

Eckhart Tolle: The Power Of Now

For those who are tired of being run around like a mad man, Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power Of Now” is one of the best resources for learning how to quiet the mind and live in the present moment.

This book and “A New Earth” both break down the ego’s insatiable power it has over us to push ourselves relentlessly in our quest to feel good enough. He describes “The Pain Body” and its need to feed from time to time, as it comes forth from within us, explosively at times, to cure the Ego’s need for attention and energy, at the expense of those who are in harms way.

Eckhart’s work is widely known, and we reference it often within the construct of our life coaching programs. He is truly a wise teacher and a great example of how to quiet the mind and learn to live in the present moment. We highly recommend all of his work!

David R Hawkins: Truth vs Falsehood

Dr. David R Hawkins is the foremost leader in the field of Consciousness and kinesiology. In his illuminating work, he has created “The Scale of Consciousness” which accurately determines the level of consciousness of anything through the use of kinesiology (muscle testing).

Hawkins’s books are a bit intellectual in nature but a must read for advanced seekers of truth! His work is a large part of our foundation at Manifesting Consciousness. These books are not for the faint of heart because he dispels long held egoic beliefs, preferences, and desires we all carry inside us. So if you don’t want to give up your beliefs, we don’t recommend his work. However, if you have ears to hear truth, David Hawkins work can be mind blowing! (pun intended)

Become a “conscious” participant in your life!

Power vs Force by David R Hawkins
Click on the photo above to purchase “Power vs Force”

The People Code by Taylor Hartman
Click on the photo above to purchase “The People Code”

Taylor Hartman: The People Code

Taylor Hartman’s book is one of the most accurate resources to learn about personality types. His website offers a FREE personality test that you can take, along with detailed explanations of the different personality types. When you visit his website, at his home page click on the “take the color code profile” in the upper right hand corner, and fill out your contact information section to get your FREE personality test.

We have studied personality types for many years, from a broad selection of resources but Hartman’s has proven to be the most accurate and simplistic to understand.

We do have one disclaimer; most resources we have studied about personality types, do not include our own discovery that within the 4 main personality types, there also seems to be 2 other factors that intertwine and effect our personality.

These are:

  1. We each seem to play either an “Adult or Child” role. This isn’t a maturity based determination, but rather a “Trait” that is a fundamental union with our main personality type. It explains the differences and discrepancies we discovered within each personality type.
  2. One’s level of conscious awareness, also dictates the types of behaviors and choices one is attracted to. This is why it is vital that we become self-aware, so that we can increase our level of consciousness.
  3. Without increased consciousness you will end up sleep walking through life instead of becoming an active and conscious participant.

Understanding personality types is a safe way to start the self-awareness process because you can start practicing on others first while you dive deeper into your own type. This was a fun practice for my wife and I even though some difficult realities were revealed. In the end, your personality type isn’t that important, it merely colors or stylizes the way in which you navigate the world and your relationships. It’s your level of consciousness that is the main determinate of your thoughts, choices, and actions. Raising your level of self-awareness, will raise your level of consciousness.

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There’s nothing better than a great book and the perfect spot to read it!

Our Favorite Self-Awareness Books

  • Byron Katie: Loving What Is, A Thousand Names For Joy
  • Eckhart Tolle: The Power Of Now, A New Earth
  • David R Hawkins: Power vs Force, Truth vs Falsehood
  • M. Scott Peck: The Road Less Traveled, People of The Lie, Golf and the Spirit
  • Betty Eddie: Embraced By The Light
  • Mary K. Baxter: A Divine Revelation of Hell
  • James Redfield: The Celestine Prophecy – Series
  • Neale Donald Walsh: Conversations with God – Series
  • Ramana Maharshi: Who Am I?
  • Robert Adams: Silence of the Heart

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