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Life Coaching – Coaching vs Therapy

next step is the future, with life coaching

Life Coaching is not the same as therapy.

Therapy delves deep into past traumas, makes diagnoses of mental illness, and prescribes treatments for those diagnoses in order to help you see and deal with them. Life Coaching only looks at past traumas briefly in order to remove any blocks you may have that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Then, we help you create your new future by aligning your goals with your true values.

Our methods are drawn from our own personal experiences and the successes we’ve had with transcending the deceptions of the Ego.

For those who are suffering from severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, addiction, etc., and you need a diagnoses, therapy is the way you should consider going. Then afterwards, we can help you decide if life coaching should be your next step. If we notice that therapy is needed with any of our clients, we will be the first to recommend one.

Our responsibility as life coach’s, we will not diagnose your mental illness, recommend treatments, prescribe or suggest medications, or work with you if traditional therapy is needed. In producing our advanced programs, we draw from a broad and very diverse educational background that includes the understanding of some of the most effective counseling therapies, but only to use as our own guidance, and to recognize when therapy is needed for our clients.

Advanced Life Coaching

  • Briefly examines past in order to remove any blocks, unhealthy beliefs, and limited thinking
  • Reduces: Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Procrastination
  • Increases: Self-Awareness, Confidence, Joy, Fulfillment, Peace, Motivation, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding
  • Guides you by exampling a new & different perspective
  • Discover your core issues
  • Helps you define the Ego’s deceptive story within you
  • Question and see where the “story” is no longer true for you
  • Helps you recognize & detach from the story
  • Then helps you discover who you are without the story
  • Helps re-define your values and motivations
  • Unlocks true inspiration, ideas, solutions
  • Co-creates with you your new life plan
  • Sets goals and accountability


  • Provides clinical diagnoses of mental illness‘s, & prescribes treatments
  • Delves deep into past traumas to help you see and heal from them
  • Focuses mostly on: The past, Feelings, & Emotions
  • Recommended for Extreme: Depression, Anxiety, Fear
  • Can take a lot of time, sometimes years depending on how suppressed and painful the traumas might be, or how ingrained the mental illness or addiction might be.
  • Needed for Addictions and Substance Abuse
  • Can be very beneficial in helping individuals make sense of physical and mental abuse
  • Recommended by life coach’s when they recognize deep trauma, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, depression, sexual orientation issues, deeply ingrained addictions, etc.

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A responsible life coach should always be willing and able to recognize when a client should be referred to a Licensed Therapist or Psychologist