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4-1hr Life Coaching Power Sessions $650


4- 1hr Life Coaching Power Sessions for $650


This 4 session package is for clients who just want to try my coaching out before investing in a longer program, or for previous clients needing a short refresher course. With over 25 years as a Transformational Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, my proven techniques will help you permanently remove any limiting beliefs or unhealthy thoughts. My intensive programs will provide the tools and insights you need to create an amazing life!

Most of our pain, suffering & limitations are due to our unhealthy beliefs and limiting thoughts. My “Master Programs” specialize in changing these core beliefs by challenging the unhealthy deceptions of the Ego. As you awaken to the reality of life and take responsibility for your choices, you will empower yourself to make the changes you desire. It takes time and commitment to undo habitual thoughts and beliefs, but if you’re truly ready to make those changes, I can confidently guide you there.

If you have any questions about my programs, or if you would like to speak with me before purchasing, call or text me at: (801) 557-5781, my name is Travis Dumont (Owner/Facilitator of Manifesting Consciousness).