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Transcend Ego-Addiction: Transformational Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness, #ego #addiction #transcend #lifecoach #nlp

Transcending Ego-Addiction:

Transcend Ego-Addiction: We are ego-aholics who are addicted to the “Ego Juice” or ego benefits we get from believing the deceptions of the ego. The ego wants us to believe that we are “Lacking” in some way, and therefore “Need” something from outside of ourselves in order to be complete & happy, this is “The Big Lie”. Believing this deception is the primary cause of our fear, suffering, limitations & self-doubt. (Watch my video by clicking on the “Learn More” button)

Ego-Addiction can be one of the toughest things you ever transcend because unlike addictions such as drugs & alcohol where you can remove the item, or behavior addictions such as gambling, sex addiction or pornography, where you can change the behaviors, ego addiction deals with the thoughts in your head, that you can’t remove. To overcome ego addiction, you have to stop identifying with your unhealthy thoughts & limiting beliefs. Believing our thoughts, places our worth in them. Since thoughts constantly change, that means they’re not real, so we run around like crazy people trying to prove we’re good enough.

Free yourself of this powerful addiction and experience deep inner-peace, empowerment, joy & love!

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#ego #addiction #transcend #nlp #lifecoach

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Transcending Ego-Addiction

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