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Love, Partnership, Bonding: I love my wife & best friend of over 25 years! Transformational Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness #lifecoach #love #relationship

Love, Partnership, Bonding!

Love, Partnership, Bonding: I love my wife and best friend of over 25 years! Not only has she helped me grow immensely as a person, she also supports our shared journey of awakening & increased consciousness. Together, we have faced many of life’s challenges as we move towards enlightenment, and I hope we continue to face challenges together for many years to come! Cutting my hair is just one example of the many things we do together that appeals to our frugal & self-sufficient nature. We love to live modestly, so from doing our own home remodeling projects to cutting hair, we try to do most things ourselves.

The best thing about our partnership, is that we reflect back to the other exactly what we need to see and work on within ourselves. That is what relationship is really all about. What I see in my wife is a projection & reflection of me. The challenge is to not blame her for what I see, because that would only strengthen the ego’s power & deceptive influence over me, the goal is to recognize myself & where I’m at in life. If I can see myself with humility, there is huge potential for my growth.

As I change from within, what I project onto the world changes automatically, so I can use what I perceive to make note of my individual growth & progress. For example, if I’m hating my wife for something, that only means I’m hating myself for something. If I see others as petty or cruel, that means I have pettiness & cruelty within me. So as you continue to grow and evolve, your perception & experience of life will continue to grow & evolve.

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Love, Partnership, Bonding!

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