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Insight #12 You've been sent nothing but Angels

Insight #12- You’ve been sent nothing but Angels

Insight #12 You’ve been sent nothing but Angels. Every person in your life has been sent here for your growth and in support of that growth, EVERYONE! I know this concept can create conflict within us especially when we think of abusive or destructive relationships from our past. For me, the abusive relationships I have personally experienced, taught me as much or more about who I am and what I do or don’t want in life. Therefore, I have come to appreciate even the most difficult and destructive people I have been blessed to know. Of course I’m not excusing or condoning their behavior, I simply see its purpose for me.

I think we all contracted with one another to each example our “role”, in this production we call life. Consequently, I believe we demonstrate exactly what the other needs for the next step in their evolution, and for ours. As I look at my relationships in this way, I realize that there’s nothing to forgive because they’ve given me exactly what I needed. There more I come to understand this truth, I find myself experiencing immense gratitude for all the Angels in my life!

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To create real and lasting change, you must see what’s holding you back. Then you must question it to decide what is no longer true or working for you. After seeing that you have been living life inauthentically, and you take 100% ownership and responsibility for believing the deception, you will empower yourself to change it. Now you can let it go. Then we will begin to create a “New Life Operating System” based on your true values and who you really are. A life that is authentic, transparent, and uniquely you! This is how you begin to experience true peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment.

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Insight #12 – You’ve been sent nothing but Angels

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