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Free Live Webinar: Transform Your Life In 2022 - Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness

Free Webinar: Transform Your Life In 2022

Get ready and invite your friends to attend my biggest Tell-All event in this free webinar!! 

Start the new year off with a fresh perspective that can transform the way you see the world and your place in it. Increase your level of peace & happiness as I share some of my most impactful insights with you and those you love!

On Tuesday January 4th @ 6:00pm MST, I will be breaking all the rules as I answer some of life’s biggest questions, here are just a few:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

During this FaceBook Live Event (you don’t have to be a FaceBook member to attend), I will be answering any and all of your personal questions throughout the webinar, along with staying after so I can get to as many of them as possible. So come prepared to ask me anything you want! All I ask, is that you come with an open mind & and an open heart as we tackle life’s toughest questions together. Please be respectful of all who attend.

I’m hosting this live event in the evening so that as many people as possible can attend after work in the hope that you can gather with friends and family as we discuss what I’m sure will be very controversial, yet enlightening, subject matter. (This webinar is not suitable for children)

With over 25 years of study in human behavior & development, I have come to understand the primary cause of our fear, suffering, and limitations. My transformational life coaching programs have been designed to permanently clear away the blocks that stand in the way of creating an amazing life! 

As a master NLP practitioner, I have learned how to harness the unlimited power of the unconscious mind to help you manifest your goals & desires. The story we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold, dictate how we perceive, interpret, and experience life. They also determine the choices we make. For real & lasting change to occur, we must take a close look at this “Unconscious Life Operating System” and see what is no longer true or working for us.

At the end of the webinar I will be offering a special gift to all attendees to receive a substantial discount off the price of my proven 6 & 12 month “Master Programs”. I rarely discount these limited, deeply transformative, coaching opportunities because of the demanding nature and commitment these programs require of me. However, we have all been living through some very trying times, so I wanted to make these programs financially available to more people. 

It’s time to make an investment in yourself and in your future, so be sure to attend my free webinar which will hopefully give you the insights and tools you need to make 2022 your best year ever! 

Please register for this event using the following link. I won’t be asking for any personal information, and this is not a sales funnel. I only ask for you to register so you can be automatically informed of any changes and so I can see an accurate head count of all who plan to attend, thank you! Here is the event link:

Warm Wishes,

-Travis Dumont (Owner/Facilitator of Manifesting Consciousness)

P.S. For those who can’t wait for the webinar to get started, I’m offering a FREE 2hr life coaching “Power Session” so you can experience firsthand how effective my programs are (there is no further obligation). Everybody needs a coach, including coaches, so now is the best time to give it a try. Discover how to significantly improve your relationships, career, and the quality of your life! Use the following link to book your free 2hr session:

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