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Life Coaching Sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Advanced Life Coaching?

Our advanced life coaching programs are unique in that we combine the most effective counseling therapies, along with the latest life coaching & NLP techniques to ensure that our clients & students receive the best results possible. Our programs quickly get to the “Core” issues instead of dealing with all the many symptoms of those issues. Why is this important? Because once you address the “Core”, everything else changes automatically.

What Is The Difference Between Life Coaching & Therapy?

The main difference between life coaching & therapy is; Therapy helps you deal with past traumas, abuse, addiction, depression, etc. Life Coaching briefly looks at your past in order to remove any blocks or limited thinking. Then we help you discover your true values & motivations so that we can develop a personalized program, to achieve your goals, that integrates those values.

Why Hire A Life Coach?

This is a great question! For those who are tired of traditional therapy, or who just want to know why life isn’t working out the way you thought it should, life coaching is a great resource in helping you realize your ultimate potential by removing the un-healthy beliefs and limited thinking that is holding you back. Our Advanced Life Coaching Programs, take you beyond typical life coaching techniques to achieve real & long lasting results!

How Do I Become A Life Coach?

At Manifesting Consciousness Academy: You will receive seldom heard of and affordable, One-on-One, Face-to-Face training (Not Videos) on how to become a great life coach! Our advanced classes offer complete certification programs for Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). In addition, we offer classes to guide you through the complete process of setting up your Life Coaching Business.

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