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Amazing Growth Solutions

Here is our favorite teachers & their websites to discover additional Growth Solutions on your journey towards Self-Awareness

One of our favorite resources fo helping us challenge our stressful thoughts, is the work of Byron Katie. Her main body of work focuses on a process she calls “The Work”.

The Work starts by filling out “The Judge Your Neighbor” worksheet, available for FREE download at her website: The Worksheet has you write down any of your stressful thoughts and judgements, then it takes you through 4 questions and a turnaround about those stressful thoughts. Through the process you discover if the thought or judgement is really true for you, how it effects your life, and who you would be without the thought. Finally, the worksheet has you do turnarounds to see how the statement may be as true or truer for you. Eventually, The Work guides you to a place of deep reflection to help you see, examine, question, then let go of the stressful thought.

This simple yet transformational process is extremely effective! The Work can help you learn to “Love What Is” as you discover the truth about things without your preconceived judgements.

Anyone can do “The Work”. Byron Katie has worked with all types of people including; adults, children, inmates, etc. If you’ve never heard of her work, you are in for a beautiful experience!

Byron Katie has many other books that we highly recommend as well!

When you visit her website, click on the “How To Do The Work” tab to pull up the page where you can download the free worksheet.

Byron Katie’s “The Work”

Click on the photo above to purchase “Loving What Is”

Dr. David R Hawkins

Click on the photo above to purchase “Power vs Force”

Dr. David R Hawkins is the four-most authority, in our opinion, on work dealing with understanding the levels of consciousness. The levels of consciousness refer to anything in the universe, that can be calibrated to determine its level of consciousness. Then Hawkins created a “Scale of Consciousness” to help describe what all the levels mean. For me, the most interesting things that are calibrated, are things dealing with the human dynamic, but all of it is fascinating!

For example, avatars such as; Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Krishna, etc. all calibrate at the top of the scale, at one thousand. On the bottom of the scale are things like; Serial Killers, Spiders, Rocks, etc.

Hawkins uses kinesiology to accurately measure & determine, without bias, the consciousness level of anything. Sometimes he can’t find out the consciousness level of something because of Divine blockage. He always asks for Divine Permission before calibrating anything, and sometimes the answer is “No”. Almost anyone can use kinesiology the same way David Hawkins does, to determine for themselves the consciousness level of whatever they’d like. The same rules apply.

Kinesiology has been in practice for many years and is a provable method for determining the validity, truth, and levels of consciousness. Simply put, kinesiology uses muscle testing to test an answer. If your muscle goes weak, the answer is false. If your muscle stays strong, the answer is true.

What’s great is that David Hawkins has calibrated many things and has published those findings in his books. Answers too many questions that are widely asked, are there for all to see.

His work is groundbreaking and a must read!

Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” helps us see that when we are following the Ego’s desires, along with society’s expectations, we are distracted from reality. This distraction prevents us from being present or living in the “Now”. We’re either consumed with pursuits of the future or stuck in the past. Both of which keep us from seeing the magnificence of the here and now.

In the Now or the present, life is manageable, peaceful, glorious, and kind. Since the past and the future do not exist, when we reside in those dimensions, we are powerless. You can only change the present moment because it’s the only thing that is real. So when we worry about the future, or agonize over the past, we remain stuck in an illusion.

When we reside in the illusion of the past and future, the Ego is in control of our lives. Fear, worry, regret, and suffering are all consequences of the Ego’s story that we have decided is real, and therefore adopt the story as our own. The “Story” becomes habit over the years and ends up being our unconscious “Life Operating System”.

To undo this, we must first recognize we are absent from reality and lost in our story. As we acknowledge our responsibility for choosing to believe the story, we empower ourselves to change it. Without the story, we know we’re okay, and life becomes peaceful. Discover who you really are by learning to live in the “Now”.

Eckhart Tolle’s work is transformational, and his website offers many valuable resources to help you become self-aware through the power of the present moment!

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

Click on the photo above to purchase “The Power Of Now”

Taylor Hartman: The People Code

Click on the photo above to purchase “The People Code”

Dr. Taylor Hartman’s work focuses on determining people’s personality types. Out of all the different methods and theories on personalities, Hartman’s remains the most accurate, in our opinion.

At his website, he offer a FREE personality test. Along with the test, he offers a detailed description of the four main personality types, and how those types relationships to one another. We’ve noticed it’s helpful to take the test with someone who you know well, like a spouse or close friend, to help keep you honest when answering the questions. When you visit his website, at his home page click on the “take the color code profile” in the upper right hand corner, and fill out your contact information section to get your FREE personality test.

My wife and I have personally gone further with Hartman’s work to realize something was missing that didn’t explain subtle and sometimes extreme differences in people within the same personality type. Eventually we realized that within each type, we either take on an “Adult or Child” Role. Understand these roles are not good or bad, nor do they imply one role is better than another. They simply make sense of the differences two people with the same personality type, regardless of sexual orientation, seem to have.

When we first embarked on our own self-awareness journey, understanding how we each have our own personalty type and role within that type, helped us immensely to understand the basics of why people are different. We’ve also come to understand that studying personality types is a fun and safe way to start the sea-awareness process because ultimately, our personality types don’t have a lot of impact on the things that really matter, they simply color or stylize the way we navigate through life. It’s your level of consciousness that dictates the the important life choices. That being said, Hartman’s work was instrumental in our growth and we highly recommend his work!

All four of the previously mentioned author’s and their websites make up the basics of understanding Human Behavior & Development, and we highly recommend that their work becomes a fundamental part of your self-awareness journey.