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Life Coaching – Our Methods & Philosophies

Learn about our methods and philosophies of life coaching.

Our methods and philosophies at manifesting consciousness

At Manifesting Consciousness, our highest priority is to create a safe place for our clients to speak with a caring professional without judgment, prejudice, or bias. This is a collaboration between the client and the life coach where our success is measured by the success and transformation of our clients and students. We strive to change the world by helping our clients discover their unlimited potential by freeing them from un-healthy beliefs, limited thinking, and the deceptions of the Ego!

“We only give guidance in areas that we have personally had experience & success with.”

Methods & Philosophies - Immediate struggles & challenges.

First we look at your immediate Struggles & Challenges

  • Relationship Issues
  • Financial Concerns
  • Work or Career Concerns or Changes
  • Health Issues, Lifestyle Changes
  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fears
  • Personal Growth & Awareness

Next we diagnose your current Beliefs & Thinking

  • What is controlling your life?
  • What is making you feel like you are spiraling downward out of control?
  • Do you have un-healthy beliefs?
  • Is your thinking limited in any way?
  • Where did these beliefs or thoughts begin, and how did you add to them?
  • Are the thoughts & beliefs still true for you?
  • Who would you be without the unhealthy thoughts?
  • What would your life be like without the beliefs or thoughts?

Stop the downward spiral

Analogy of “Big Ben”, the clock in London

Then we discover your un-true “Core” story to pinpoint the primary cause of your Issues & Blocks

  • Instead of dealing with all the consequences & problems that occur when we believe the Ego’s untrue story about us, let’s instead discover the “Core” of the problem which, once addressed, will shut everything down all at once.
  • Like the gears inside the clock “Big Ben” in London, there is a place inside the inner workings, of huge to small gears, where you can stop everything from moving by pushing a pin into the perfect spot. Our thinking is the same way, you can deal with all the outer issues one by one, or you can address the “Core” which will automatically make every other issue stop and eventually fade away.

Finally, we help you transcend the Ego’s story which will help you see “the light at the end of the tunnel”

  • All of our struggles and suffering are created by the Ego’s story
  • Remove the “Story” and your perceptions will change
  • We help you change the story by using techniques such as Cognitive Therapy, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programing). These therapies help diagnose and re-define the thinking and untrue stories inside your head.
  • You must recognize the current deceptive story that has become your unconscious “Life Operating System”, then take 100% responsibility for choosing to believe the Ego’s story so that you can empower yourself to change it. After which, we will give you the tools to deal with and learn how to see that deceptive story play out in your daily life. Once you start having success detaching from the Ego’s story, the Ego’s control over your life will start to diminish. Finally, we will help you create a new “Life Operating System” that is positive and inline with your new values & motivations.
  • As the thinking changes, your experience and view of the world will greatly improve!

There is a beautiful light at the end of the dark, unconscious, Ego driven tunnel!

“Follow your bliss, and anything is possible!”

“Knowledge without action, changes nothing. Knowledge that is internalized & implemented, can transform your life!”

~Travis Dumont

Positive and lasting change is possible. Let us guide you to a life of infinite possibilities where peace, joy and fulfillment are your constant companions!