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What do you value?

Travis and Deniece Dumont, Life Coaches with Manifesting Consciousness

One of the most impactful values you can have is your relationships!

One of the most important and fundamental aspects in Life Coaching is to establish what your true values are. Knowing this will create the foundation that will help you move forward in life, especially when things get tough. I personally re-evaluate my values as a way to check my motivations. For example: One of my highest values is my relationship with my wife, so if I start to get distracted by life’s other challenges and my marriage gets put on the back burner, it can help me prioritize and find balance again by recognizing that what I value most (my marriage) has slipped out of view. Remembering how important my marriage is to me, can help me recognize areas where I may be exerting energy and attention where it doesn’t really matter. As a result, I typically find motivation to help me pull my energy back.

Our values can be influenced by outside entities. Social conditioning, social media, peer pressure family and more, can shape what matters to us. Sometimes, what we are told is important isn’t necessarily true for us. Other influences such as fear, crisis, anxiety, financial worries, etc. can derail and alter our priorities (sometimes without our conscious awareness). This is why it is prudent to take a minute and check to see if our values are off base or are out of alignment with what we hold dear.

Some of my personal values include: relationships, integrity, honesty, servitude, truth & reality, personal growth, transparency, empathy, compassion, and radical kindness. These values keep me on course when life throws challenges my way. They also help me decide how to handle those challenging situations as they arise.

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