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Transformational Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness

Insight #5 – Freedom: Advanced Life Coaching

Check out our new YouTube video series on “Insights”. This free video tutorial series, will focus on instilling new insights to create a shift in your consciousness. Once internalized and implemented, your life will never be the same.

Creating shifts in consciousness, is one of the primary things we do with our Advanced Life Coaching Programs at Manifesting Consciousness. Our programs expose you to new understandings that will challenge your current thinking, thereby opening your mind to new possibilities.

The only thing standing in your way of an amazing life, is the habitual “Unconscious Life Operating System” that is reinforcing unhealthy or limiting beliefs. To create real and lasting change, you must see what’s holding you back, then question it to decide what is no longer true or working for you. After seeing that you have been living a lie, and take 100% ownership and responsibility for believing it, you will empower yourself to change it and let it go. Now you can start to create a “New Life Operating System” based on your true values and who you really are. A life that is authentic, transparent, and uniquely you!

This is how you begin to experience true peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment. Receive all of our insight video’s by subscribing to our YouTube channel “Manifesting Consciousness” then check out our Playlist on “Insights”.

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Watch our fifth video installment below:

Insight #5 – Freedom

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Insight #5 – Freedom:

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