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Insight #25 - Humility & Gratitude, Transformational Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness

Insight #25 – Humility & Gratitude

Insight #25 – Humility & Gratitude. When you fully accept and surrender to the reality of life, humility and gratitude will become commonplace. You have been given everything you need to take the next step in your evolution. No matter how it may appear on the surface, your current circumstances are perfectly orchestrated to provide the opportunities you need to awaken.

The Ego wants you to believe that you are “Lacking” in some way and therefore “Need” something from outside yourself in order to be complete and happy. As you challenge this deception, you will start to heal the relationship you have with yourself. You are not broken or damaged, you are merely confused by social conditioning, your influencers and the unhealthy thoughts you identify with. To heal, you must take a close look at these thoughts and the limiting beliefs you hold. As you awaken to reality and become self-realized, peace, joy and fulfillment will automatically emerge.

Are you ready to significantly improve your relationships, career, and the quality of your life? If you are, give yourself the gift of life coaching and permanently remove the blocks that stand in the way. We spend so much time and money and time on things that don’t really enhance our lives, but if you turn your focus inward, you will begin a journey that has the power to manifest your wildest dreams!

Check all of my insight videos on YouTube. This free video tutorial series, will focus on instilling new insights to create a shift in your consciousness. Once internalized and implemented, your life will change forever!

With over 25 years of coaching experience and study in human behavior, my Transformational Life Coaching programs at Manifesting Consciousness are designed to permanently remove your blocks & limitations. I specialize in addressing your “Core” issues, not the symptoms, to create real and lasting change. My proven Master Programs expose you to new understandings & insights that will challenge your current thinking, thereby opening your mind to new possibilities. Once these new understandings are internalized & implemented, your life will never be the same. The only thing standing in your way of an amazing life, is the habitual unhealthy thinking that has created your current “Unconscious Life Operating System”.

When life isn’t going the way you want or you feel like you’ve hit a wall, you must question it to see what is no longer true or working for you. Once you begin to see the reality of your life and you take 100% ownership and responsibility for the choices you’ve made, you will empower yourself to change it. Now you can let it go of the deceptions that reinforce the deep-seated beliefs that you’re not good enough. Then we will begin to create a “New Life Operating System” based on your true values and who you really are. A life that is authentic, transparent, and uniquely you! This is how you begin to experience true peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment.

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Insight #25 – Humility & Gratitude

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