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Insight #2 Ego vs Reality: Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness

Insight #2 – Ego vs Reality: Life Coaching with Manifesting Consciousness

Insight #2 Ego vs Reality: The Ego plays a vital role in the human dynamic by helping us understand what we’re not. The Ego is the master deceiver.

Check out my new YouTube video series on “Insights”. This free video tutorial series will focus on instilling new insights to create a shift in your consciousness. Once internalized and implemented, your life will never be the same. With over 25 years of life coaching experience and study in human behavior, I have developed my Master Programs to permanently remove your unhealthy beliefs and limiting thoughts to significantly improve your relationships, career, and the quality of your life!

My programs are not easy and they require a high level of commitment to undo years of habitual thinking. But if you’re truly ready to free yourself of these blocks, my proven techniques will confidently guide you through the process. Unhealthy thoughts and beliefs begin around the age of 6 or 7 and continue to be reinforced over the years creating your “Unconscious Life Operating System”. This operating system is influenced by the deceptions of the Ego which makes you believe that you are lacking in some way or that you need something to be whole, complete or happy. This is what I call “The Lie”.

Turning your focus inward and becoming self-realized, will empower you to transcend these deceptions. Undoing years of habitual thinking requires time and a high level of commitment on your part. I will introduce new understandings, insights and tools, that will challenge your current thinking, thereby opening your mind to new possibilities. You must awaken to reality for real change to occur. Empower yourself to create a life based on what you truly value. A life that is authentic, transparent, and uniquely you! This is how you begin to experience true peace, happiness, and deep fulfillment.

Watch my second video installment below:

Insight #2 – Ego vs. Reality

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