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Face Your Inner Fears & Demons

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Facing your fears & inner demons is the fastest way to change your life!

At Manifesting Consciousness, our advanced life coaching programs are designed to help you do just that. Over the years we have developed unique programs that are designed to quickly get to the “Core” issues by combining the most effective counseling therapies, along with the latest life coaching and NLP techniques, to ensure our clients and students receive the best possible results!

Unlike therapy, life coaching briefly looks at your past to remove any blocks that may be limiting or keeping you from reaching your full potential. Then we help you turn those difficult experiences into your strengths. This process is called “Alchemy”, where you turn lead into gold. We’ve found that this lead or your presumed weaknesses, can be where you draw your deepest strength from because you have personal experience and wisdom gained from it. For example, some of the best addiction counselors were former addicts.

As for your fears, there is generally an Ego story that is behind what’s making you afraid. The same is true for anxiety, depression, etc. Our advanced programs will diagnose the deceptive story within you, then we will help you challenge its validity. Afterwards, we will help you create a new life operating system that is free from the Ego’s influence, and based on your true values and motivations. This is how your experience of life can be transformed into to something that is authentic, transparent, joyous, and fulfilling!

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