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The Following Reviews and Testimonials are from life coaching clients and people who have read our book: Manifesting Consciousness

“Travis helped me a surprising amount in the 4 sessions I had with him. His experience, personability, and passion for his work made it very easy to dive right in and find meaningful insights that helped me add direction and purpose to my life.”

-Drew Olsen

Manifesting Consciousness (owner response)

“I’m so glad I was able to help you see things a bit clearer! We definitely covered a lot in a short amount of time, but I believe some really good progress has been made. I wish you the very best as your journey continues!!”

“I really enjoyed reading this candid account of a personal spiritual journey. I have been on a very similar journey myself and it helps to recognise the positive similarities along the way, e.g. being a ‘blue’ personality raised by a ‘red’, and seeing how that has shaped who I am by teaching me how i don’t want to be.

Like Travis, I was motivated for many years to achieve success by others’ standards, and it took almost losing it all to realise what was important and change priorities to what aligned truer with my spirit and the consciousness i have awakened to.

As Travis referred to also, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle have become some of my favorite teachers along the way.
If you find this book, you will have found it for a reason. Please enjoy reading 🙂 “

“Travis responded to my request right away. I felt heard and understood. Travis is truly invested in his clients. He has a world of experience to offer.”

– Nora Eldean

“I was in a rut and couldn’t figure out how to move forward with my life. Your life coaching and workshops really helped me see what was holding me back. Thank you so much!”

Olivia Green

“Thank you Travis and Deniece for sharing your journey and path to awakening. The issues that Travis details in the book are so similar to what has happened in my life that I couldn’t stop reading. From the narcissistic ex-wife with a “RED” personality to Deniece going to a psycic. Before reading the book I have for several months contemplated seeing a psycic out of curiousity and to find answers, but never pulled the trigger.

In the chapter “What Now?” I turned the page on my ipad (page 297) and a paragraph had been highlighted blue, I didn’t highlight it and I couldn’t figure out how to undue it, then I read the paragraph and it was about Deniece sitting on the roof with a hammer and she realized what the psychic had told her on her reading that she saw her on top of a roof of a new house!

Obviously the psychic was onto something with the predictions.. Lol…It answered a question I had been asking God the previous days. And it wasn’t a coincidence because I don’t believe in coincidences. The paragraph about how you have had to endure life without your son is exactly the same issue I have been dealing for years. I completely understand how you felt. I cant even explain the toll its taken on my life. I did exactly what you did, I had to let go of the fight and my son to find some kind of peace.

Reading this book has been extremely valuable for me and it doesn’t surprise me that it came to me right now.

Since my path to my awakening in the last year and a half, I cant tell you the amazing things that I have seen just because I have been aware and developing my higher consciousness.

I have become fascinated with so many different books and youtube channels, it consumes most of my free time. Learning how to be happy inside despite my circumstances has been very challenging but a true blessing.. Thanks again..”

Double Dee

“My Mother died of breast cancer in May of last year after a seven-year battle. The entire experience had been very hard on my family and I.

After much urging from various people, and even being lovingly coerced, I finally succumbed and decided to seek some emotional help. A friend of mine told me about Travis and what he does for people, and it actually aligned nicely with many of my Mother’s thoughts on life and a lot of what she studied during her last seven years on earth, so I decided to give him a try.

It would be impossible for me to fully and adequately express how much he has helped me. I’m a new person; I’m a changed person. Of course, for the rest of my life, the loss I’ve experienced will be indefinite. But I have a new perspective on it now, and I’ve developed some skills that don’t just help me cope, they help me remain unblocked and open.

My experience with Travis compelled me to leave a review, and I hope more people can benefit from his skill, clarity, and down-to-earth nature. Thanks, Travis! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

– Aaron S.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave those kind words! We have enjoyed working with all of you, and we believe we learn as much as our clients do through these collaborations.

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