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Get Help With My Relationships

Relationships offer one the best opportunities for growth & increased consciousness!

get help with your relationships

“Our relationships mirror back to us exactly what we need to see and work on in ourselves.”

All relationships, no matter what type, how short lived, or turbulent they might be, offer us tremendous opportunities for growth. Dispelling traditional thinking about the purpose of our relationships, can immediately change their dynamic as you begin to see them from a new perspective and recognize their true purpose.

“We’ve been sent nothing but Angel’s”

After romantic attraction, comes true opportunity for real substance & growth”

The most impactful and influential relationship we typically have is with our spouse or partner. This individual can have a profound effect on our state of being and help us discover who we are.

Some partnerships are designed to help us better understand who we are not, and some are designed to help us understand who we are. Either can be very revealing as to what we truly value.

Until we have become self-aware, we tend to pick partners based on emotional and physical attraction. Unfortunately, this leaves us vulnerable to the superficial desires of the ego. Until we transcend these superficial desires, we will miss out on the true benefits these fundamental relationships have to offer. Once you see beyond the superficial, you then open up the possibility to experience real growth, or create a conducive environment to attract someone who is more inline with your values.

When our primary relationships are in turmoil, life can seem dark, lonely, and frightening! Understanding the dynamic of the situation is key in determining what is real about it. In other words, knowing what factors are contributing to the dysfunction, will help to diagnose and treat the hardships in the relationship. Hardships and challenges such as; finances, living conditions, unfaithfulness, long distance, cultural, religious, social & economical, have more to due with internal issues and differences such as; emotional baggage, personal issues, past traumas, un-healthy beliefs, limited thinking, ego driven tendencies & values, spiritual differences, core beliefs, or different life paths. Deciphering where the issues are coming from, will help in determining the type of help to pursue.

It helps to recognize that each individual is 100% responsible for their own internal well-being and what they bring to the relationship. Next, determine the functionality of the partnership itself. Do your paths align? Do you share common goals & interests? Do your personality types work together? We can help you determine & address what can be improved and what we have no control over.

“Relationships will always have their up’s & downs, especially our most significant relationships such as; immediate family or romantic relationships.
Removing unclear thinking, will help you better understand and stay focused on the issues at hand”
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At Manifesting Consciousness, our advanced life coaching programs specialize in improving relationships. Our advanced life coaching programs will help you improve the relationship you have with yourself. That in turn will help you improve the rest of your relationships. It’s important to note that recognizing toxicity within any relationship may lead to restructuring your life.