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Life Coaching – Ego vs Reality

The Ego is the ultimate deceiver! From young children till the present moment, the Ego and its deceptive story in us, has created most of the fear, misery, isolation, division, and suffering on this planet and in our own lives.

“Transformational life coaching helps you realize that the Ego convinces us that we are not enough, and that we need something to be complete. In addition, one of the primary desires of the Ego, is to avoid pain & seek pleasure. This is why so many of us have suppressed pain which needs to be addressed before we can experience true peace & happiness.”

The most important & transformational thing you can do in your lifetime, is transcend & eliminate the Ego’s story from your life.

The Real You

Authenticity – Consciousness – Reality

Who you really are

  • Whole, Complete, Not Lacking Anything
  • Values Self-Awareness & Universal Truth
  • Questions Unhealthy Beliefs & Stressful Thoughts
  • Values: The Greater Good, Being of Service
  • Loving, Caring, Kind, Giving, Amazing, Humble
  • Compassionate, Concerned, Empathetic
  • Strong, Brave, Courageous, Bold, Daring
  • Good Listener, Patient, Sympathetic, Involved
  • Silent Observer, Content, Mindful, Relaxed
  • Free, Unlimited, Visionary, Inspired, Motivated
  • Happy, Joyful, Abundant, Peaceful, Fulfilled

The Ego Identity

Ego Deception – Unconsciousness – Illusion

Who you are not

  • Seeks Pleasure & Avoids Pain
  • Makes You Feel You Are “Lacking” Something
  • Not Complete, Needs Something, Not Good Enough
  • Uses Distraction To Help You Avoid Internal Reflection
  • Values: Greed, Power, And The Illusion of Control
  • Selfish, Narcissistic, Cruel, Bully, Possessive, Shallow
  • Unconcerned About Others, Self-Centered, Indifferent
  • Weak, Frightened, Timid, Reclusive, Isolated
  • Demanding, Controlling, Manipulative, Forceful
  • Perpetrator, Destroyer, Villain, Evil, Misguided, Confused
  • Self-Defeating, Unaware, Victim, Impatient, Egocentric
Learn the art of effective goal setting, and harness the unlimited power of the unconscious mind!

Our Transformational Life Coaching Programs, are designed to help you quickly get to your core issues, un-healthy beliefs, and any limited or confused thinking. These thoughts, beliefs, and the Ego, create the un-true story you believe at your core. This “Story” becomes habit as you repeat it to yourself over and over again. Consequently, the story becomes your “Unconscious Life Operating System” which dictates how you see and interact with the world.

Transcending the Ego’s deceptive story is the key to your freedom and happiness. Once your core deceptive story is discovered, we can then evaluate it, question it, and determine its validity. Then, we will help you see why you have held on to it, the benefit you get from it, the excuses it hands you, and how to let go of it.

All that’s required of you, is being open to the process, and willing to take 100% ownership & responsibility for choosing to believe the story. Once you do, you will empower yourself to change it!