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Life Coaching – Doing vs Being

doing vs being - just be

Doing Vs Being

“You are beautiful & perfect, just the way you are.”

You can’t “Do” your way into a peaceful, joyous, and fulfilled life, you can only be in that state. Our advanced life coaching programs, at Manifesting Consciousness, will confidently and professionally guide you there!


  • Motivated by the Ego to prove to yourself & others that you’re good enough, okay, worthy, & deserving, which only reinforces the Ego’s story in you that you aren’t okay.
  • Puts on a Facade of Confidence, Strength & Courage
  • Feels; Scrambly, Stressed Out, Anxious, Nervous, Unconfident, Fearful, Isolated, Not Good Enough, Insignificant, Worthless, Incapable, Alone, Competitive, Ambitious, Hateful, Threatened, Narcissistic, Greedy
  • Needs to be better than others, Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, Happier
  • Unconscious, Un-Aware, Un-Evolved, Not Self-Realized, Living a Lie
  • Misguided, Deceived, Conned, In-Genuine, Sleep Walking Through Life


  • Knowing you’re okay, good enough, worthy and deserving.
  • Authentic, Transparent, Integris, Honest, Truthful, Selfless
  • Kind, Compassionate, Empathetic, Considerate
  • See’s the Bigger Picture
  • Care’s about the Greater Good
  • One with Everything, See’s Universal Truth
  • Content, Silent Observer, Self Contained,
  • Visionary, Inspired, Spiritual, Powerful
  • Gracious, Humble, Takes the road less traveled
  • Enlightened, Free of the Ego, Conscious, Self Realized

EGO TEMPTATIONS: Being vs. Doing

I feel the need to clarify something that I get asked about regularly. Clients want to know why I specialize in; Transcending The Deceptions Of The Ego. After 25 years, I have come to understand that the Ego’s primary function is to get us to believe that we are not whole or that we are lacking in some way, so that it can convince us that we need something “Out There” in order to be complete. Unfortunately, this creates a brilliant trap because anything you “Do” to try to be okay or good enough, only reinforces the belief that you aren’t. And since one of the other primary deceptions of the Ego is “Distraction”, it keeps us from even realizing that this deception is taking place. In other words, the Ego masterfully keeps us so busy jumping through “Its” hoops that we never slow down enough to question the validity of what we’re doing. That’s how the Ego stays in control of our lives.

Ironically, there are many life coaches that are so driven by the desires of the Ego that they commit (in my opinion) the ultimate sin of using Proven Life Coaching & NLP Techniques to capitalize on their unsuspecting clients. Some of the most well-known motivational coaches (you can guess who they are) use these techniques to pump you up so that you buy everything they are selling. Then, after they get you all excited, you run out into the world trying to practice what they said, but because they fell short of giving you the most vital piece of information, you go out there and reinforce the belief that you’re not okay.

How does this happen? Well, it’s the difference between “Being vs. Doing”. Many motivational coaches are all about doing your way into a better life. Again, there is truth to these methods, and we instruct our clients on the same things, but we don’t leave out the most vital piece of information. The misconception is; You can’t “Do” your way into a peaceful, happy & fulfilling life, you can only “Be” in that state. The moment you try to do your way into it, is the moment you reinforce the belief that you don’t already posses what your are trying to get “Out There”.

Here is a Universal Truth that I believe with every fibre of my being: “You are not broken. Therefore, you do not need to be fixed.”

You already posses everything you need within you, you just don’t realize that truth yet. What a knowledgeable and ethical Life Coach does, is help guide you to this understanding by helping you remove the layer of confusion (created by the Ego) that stands in the way of this truth. The Ego deceives you into feeling inadequate or lacking in some way which drives you to turn your focus outwards instead of inwards. 

Once you understand that you don’t need anything “Out There” to be okay, then you can move forward with your plans & goals without reinforcing the belief that you’re not okay, or good enough, or deserving, or lacking in some way. 

Many of us spend our entire lives having many successes, only to end up wondering why we are so unhappy afterwards. That’s because whatever you “Do”, trying to be okay, only reinforces the belief that you’re not okay. 

Just “Know” you’re okay, and “Be” okay, then your accomplishments won’t negatively effect you. Our advanced life coaching programs will help see the Ego’s influence in your life.