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Get Help With Becoming A Life Coach

Becoming A Life Coach: Manifesting Consciousness Academy

Becoming a life coach with Manifesting Consciousness

Are you interested in becoming a life coach? We can help!

“Changing the world, one student at a time!”

Becoming A Life Coach: Become a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

As a graduate of Manifesting Consciousness Academy, you will get all the help you need in becoming a life coach! After completing our advanced programs, you will be armed with the information and tools needed to set up and run your own successful life coaching business.

Our unique advanced coaching system, utilizes rarely found affordable One-on-One, Face-to-Face live training (Not Videos) to deliver fast results! Our advanced classes include certification programs for Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming).

Our Advanced Teaching Programs are some of the most effective life coaching programs available because our programs quickly get to the “Core” issues that are the primary cause of all our suffering & limitations. These core issues block us from moving forward in life. Other life coaching programs focus mainly on “Action Plans, Setting Goals, and Focus”, and although these things are all part of the life coaching process, they do not effect real and lasting change.

Address Core Issues

You must first address and change the core issues in the individual before you can effectively move forward with plans & goals, otherwise, you can change the clients circumstances but it will not change their state of being. Your state of being determines your level of success and the quality of your life.

We start by teaching you the fundamental principles of life coaching which includes our proven “Advanced Life Coaching Programs” that combine the most effective counseling therapies, along with the latest Life Coaching & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Practices, to ensure our students achieve the best results possible. Next, we guide you in setting up your life coaching business including: Business Plan, Website Development, & Marketing Strategy.

Our Ultimate Goal is to teach life coach’s how to teach life coaches effectively, so that we can change the world by eliminating the suffering caused by the Ego.

We believe in the principle:

“Give a person a fish, feed them for a day”

“Teach a person to fish, feed them for life”

“Teach a person to teach a person to fish, you end world hunger”

Manifesting Consciousness Academy

Your success is our success!

Pursue a rewarding career as a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner!

Manifesting Consciousness Academy

Classes Include:

  • Live: One-on-One Training, Not Videos
  • Advanced Life Coaching & NLP Training
  • Complete Life Coaching Business Evaluation
  • Business Start-Up Plan & Set-Up Guidance
  • Life Coaching & NLP Certifications
  • Teaching & Development Courses
  • Advanced Teaching Therapies
  • Business Profile Development
  • Life Coaching Marketing Strategy & Programs
  • Website Development Guidance & Help
  • Video Production: YouTube & Social Platforms
  • Webinar Production
  • Business & Life Coaching Tools

“Teach what you want to learn”

“You hold the keys to your own salvation”

If you are seriously considering training for a new career as a certified life coach with Manifesting Consciousness Academy, watch this video.