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Travis Dumont – Certified Life Coach – Master NLP Practitioner

Learn more about Travis Dumont : Owner/Facilitator of Manifesting Consciousness

Travis Dumont is passionate about helping people improve their lives by permanently clearing away their unhealthy beliefs and limiting thoughts. Significantly improve your relationships, career, and quality of life with our transformational programs. With over 25 years of coaching experience and study in human behavior, we understand the primary cause of our pain and suffering. Removing the unclear thinking will increase your level of peace and happiness as you transcend the deceptions of the Ego!

Travis & Deniece Dumont

travis dumont and deniece dumont

“Gloria in excelsis Deo”

Travis Dumont

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Practitioner
  • Cognitive Therapist
  • Personality Type Specialist
  • Relationship Specialist
  • Dream Analyst
  • Author: Manifesting Consciousness
  • Facilitator: Manifesting Consciousness Academy
  • With over 25 years of study and experience in Human Behavior & Development as a Transformational Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner, my goal is to help end fear, suffering, limitations and self-doubt, by guiding individuals towards self-awareness & increased consciousness. I am very passionate about the work I do, and grateful to have the opportunity to help improve the lives of others!

Awaken to yourself, to life, and to reality.

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At 57 years of age, looking back I recognize that I spent most of my life in the “Pursuit of Happiness” only to discover along the way that happiness was already inside me just waiting to be uncovered. 

I have been curious about human behavior and development for most of my adult life because I wanted  to better understand the human dynamic, our dualistic physical world, our purpose as human beings, my inner-self, our relationship with others, and the development of human consciousness.

I literally began my journey of becoming self-realized on my thirtieth birthday. What should have been one of those milestone birthdays where I celebrated all of the blessings and accomplishments in my life, quickly turned into my biggest nightmare! It’s ironic that on paper my life appeared quite successful and by the measures of society it was! My marriage was going on ten years, I had a beautiful 4 year old little boy, I owned my own successful home remodeling business & was actively pursuing real estate investment, I owned my own home which was quickly building equity on a fifteen year mortgage, and my credit was golden. However, on the inside I was in complete turmoil, and I hated my life more than ever!

As a child, my parents had divorced when I was only two and my father had moved out of state. My mother never re-married until I was an adult, so it was just the three of us while growing up. The third was my identical twin brother. When I was around 6 or 7 years old my mother got uterine cancer, so my twin brother and I essentially had to take over all of the household duties from that time forward. My mother recovered from cancer after having a hysterectomy, but her recovery was slow and she became extremely obese in the process, which left her essentially couch bound (self imposed) for many years. This led to her being on government assistance (Welfare & Food Stamps) so that we could survive. Due to my mother’s own very abusive upbringing, along with all of her medical issues and current weight gain after the surgery, she became a chronic victim who feared the entire world! She rarely left the house and every door was ALWAYS locked. Even the windows were constantly covered with thick drapes, so we essentially lived in a dark cave where no one was allowed to visit, except on rare occasions.

My identical twin came born with a very high intellect and an amazing memory, so he easily excelled in school unlike his look alike counterpart, me. My memory was exceptionally poor, which may have been the result of being electrocuted as a young child, and I struggled with learning in almost every way. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a reprieve, because as an identical twin everyone including my mom, teachers, family members, friends, and myself, judged me harshly over the fact that I couldn’t excel in school like my brother. As a twin, I was always compared to my brother and judged harshly for my apparent shortcomings. Since there was no apparent reason (although there may have been), for the differences in our learning abilities, I eventually adopted the deep seated belief that I must have been born damaged or broken, and I reinforced this belief, through self-sabotage, every day of my life.

So these were part of the circumstances that my early impressionable years were based on. My mother, a chronic victim who feared and hated the entire world. My twin brother, who in society’s eyes was bigger, stronger, and way more intelligent than I. My own growing self-hatred towards myself. Living under the humiliating circumstances of being supported by the government and judged by others for it. My father was virtually non-existent in our lives, and seemed uninterested in either of his boys. My mother created an insane environment that reinforced feelings of shame, fear, depression, anxiety, social inequality, & instability, with frequent bouts of suicidal outbursts. So as a result of my childhood conditioning (children learn what they live), along with my own self-sabotage, I became increasingly shy and withdrawn from life and school, and thoroughly believed I was damaged. Therefore, I thought I had nothing to offer the world.

3 days after barely graduating from high school, I knew I had to change my environment if I where to ever stand a chance at life, so I moved across the state to live with an obscure high school friend. My thought was that if I separated myself from my family and friends, I could try to reinvent my life. I never understood how my mother, along with my dominant and very controlling twin brother, saw life. They both seemed to value very different things than me, and the way they both approached life just didn’t make sense to my brain, which made me feel like the odd man out, or “the ugly duckling”. The driving force in my life was an unshakable determination to shed the confines of my dark & lonely childhood by proving to myself and others that I wasn’t a loser (despite the deeply held belief that I was). My mission was that I would persevere and conquer this world, in spite of the fact that I was damaged.

This driving force propelled me to the current circumstances I was in on my thirtieth birthday. So it’s interesting, given the success’s I had already accomplished in achieving “The American Dream”, that I was more miserable then I had ever been, and didn’t care wether I lived or died. I truly thought (at that time) that my wife, child and extended family would be better off if I was no longer alive. After listening to my mother threaten suicide, almost on a daily basis throughout my childhood, I didn’t want to actually kill myself, but I would have welcomed being hit by a truck so that I could be put out of my misery. That’s the confused depth to which my mindset was at the time, but just when I felt that all was lost, something amazing happened!

As I begrudgingly celebrated my thirtieth birthday with my horribly controlling and mentally abusive wife, it finally occurred to me that I didn’t have to continue with my current life (despite all the time and energy I had put into building it), and that I could choose to leave it if I wanted. What accompanied this dawning, was the uncomfortable knowing that all of it was my own doing. Every choice, every action, and every problem was a direct result of my confused & unhealthy thinking. In trying to prove to world that was okay, I had inadvertently reinforced that idea that I wasn’t okay. I had also adopted my mother’s chronic victimhood, which had made me a massive people pleaser, as I desperately searched for love, appreciation, validation and approval from others. Ultimately, I began to realize that nothing in my life was what I really wanted. I only did what others told me I should do, and what I thought I should do to be a productive member of society. The portrait of “My American Dream” was a total farce and a complete lie! I was living in a house of cards that could be toppled with just the whisper of a breath. Only one thing cut through this incredibly dark period in my life, my son. The responsibility and love I felt for him, was the only thing keeping me going, and ironically, was the same thing that finally freed me from it!

Shortly after my thirtieth birthday, a growing sense of responsibility for my son’s wellbeing and how he was being raised, instigated an enormous fight between my wife and myself, and since there was no reconciliation that night (or ever moving forward as it turns out), I left my marriage and started what would become a very brutal divorce! My wife, through mediation and the court system, proved to be unwilling to peacefully work together in the best interests of our child, and instead, decided to use him as a pawn against me. After two years of endless court and mediation appearances, I finally had a light bulb moment! I realized that it was the “fight” my wife loved, and winning at any cost was her end game despite any casualties (including her own son) that might occur in her wake of destruction. When you leave a very controlling & abusive person, they will typically go to almost any length to seek revenge on the person who finally decides to stand up for themselves and leave them. This is how it was in our situation.

Seeing that my wife would never stop using our child as a pawn to seek her revenge on me, and given that she had all the power in the family court system, I eventually had an epiphany and decided to make a very bold move! The day after my “light bulb” moment, I fired my attorney and called my wife so we could chat. I explained to her that I loved my son more than anything (which she overwhelmingly knew), but that I was no longer going to fight with her. I continued by saying how I had fired my attorney and that I would never go to court again. In that moment, I handed all of the power over to her and said, “You know how much I love my son and how much I want to be a part of his life, but I will no longer fight with you. You get to decide what happens from now on.” At that point, I got into my truck and left. The next day, my wife went to court, and because I didn’t appear, she was awarded everything she wanted. I walked away from everything and gave her the house, and almost every possession we had together, along with complete custody of our child. I thought by giving her everything, that she might calm down and be reasonable, but that didn’t prove to be the case.

After that fateful day, I never had any contact with my four year old little boy for the next 16 years. The one time I did, was when my mother was watching my son at her house, and despite strict orders (from my ex) not to let him contact me, my mother let my son talk to me on the phone. It was a heartwarming & heartbreaking moment that I will never forget! And unfortunately, it would never occur again because my ex never let my mom see her only grandchild again, after hearing what happened. In fact, all my my extended family members were cut off from seeing my son except for my father. This was do to the fact that he was the only one willing to do whatever my ex-wife said (he also loved having that over my mother, that he was the only one who got to see their only grandchild). The loss of my only child, devastated me for years, but something deep inside compelled me to honor my decision.

Despite all of the incredible losses I experienced through my divorce, I discovered a new sense of empowerment! I was beginning to live my own truth for the first time in my life, and I vigorously began the pain staking & difficult process of becoming self-realized. My awakening journey had begun, and there was no going back! I was determined to discover “Who” I was, and nothing would stop me! Or so I thought. Unfortunately, the deceptions and unhealthy influence of the Ego, along with my own unhealthy beliefs about myself, would continue re-emerge over and over again.

During this painful time in my life, I decided to write a book about my personal journey through the awakening process called; Manifesting Consciousness. In it I describe many of the challenges and pitfalls I encountered on my journey, in an effort to spare others from having to experience the horrific depths of those challenges. Consequently, this makes my book a difficult read for some, because I lay out in bold detail all of my own personal shortcomings, along with describing my dark and disturbing negative beliefs I held about myself. I held nothing back, and kept my book brutally real & honest! I did this in an effort to help others relate to my story, and so they might also relate to the philosophies I described that went hand in hand with the personal stories I told. “What one person can do, another can do”. I wanted to share my success’s in transforming my world, along with the challenges I faced, to show that if I can do it, anyone can!

I began to awaken to the “Reality” of my life. Not what I thought my life was, but what it really was. This experience revealed to me that nothing was what it seemed. My life was a by-product of following ego driven desires and what society told me was important. Being a people pleaser, with some victimhood thrown in at the time, I searched for validation, appreciation, acceptance and love from others or outside influences. As a result, I didn’t know who I was or what I truly wanted. I also didn’t realize that every time I searched outside myself for these things, I only reinforced my low self-esteem, and disempowered myself to change it. So what did I do? I blamed others, the world, and God, for all of my problems. As a consequence, my life’s operating system was primarily driven by an insatiable desire to “feel okay”. 

After doing some serious soul searching, I quickly realized that everything I yearned for such as happiness, security, joy, fulfillment & love, was already inside me just waiting to come forth. It wasn’t something “Out There” nor was it something to achieve or learn. That state of being simply had to be uncovered by questioning my current thoughts, beliefs and values. Whatever caused me stress, pain, fear, or an un-healthy depiction of my inner-self, had to be questioned in order to realize that these long held unhealthy beliefs and limiting thoughts, weren’t true. Only then could I start to free myself from the self-imposed Hell I had placed myself in. The truth is; we are perfect, beautiful, loving, amazing beings, who are cloaked in a deception (created by the ego) to believe that we are not those things. 

When we incarnate, we are veiled to the truth of who we are so that we can experience that which we are not. In other words, I believe we are infinite spiritual beings who are one with everything, and who possess all the knowledge of the Universe, so in order to experience something other than who we are, we have to veil ourselves to these truth’s. I think we choose to do this in an effort to better understand ourselves from an experiential level. Of course I can’t really know that any of these theories are true, however, my personal experience of life continues to bring evidence that they might be a possibility, and therefore it helps to explain what part of our purpose as human beings might be. So to that end, I feel that our primary objective as human beings is to evolve by increasing our level of conscious awareness. The primary way to do this is through self-awareness and the acceptance of emerging Universal Truth.

Physical life is to be celebrated and experienced! However, try not to lose your sense of self or fall prey to the distractions of life that keep you from maintaining your connection to your “Higher Self”. In other words, “Be in the world, but not of it.” Take joy in experiencing all that life has to offer, but remember that choices have consequences. Sometimes those choices, and the resulting thoughts and beliefs that can be formed from them, might need to be questioned in order that we don’t lose ourselves in the insanity that is born from the deceptions of the ego. 

The construct of the ego is to distract us from reality. This is Divinely orchestrated to keep us veiled to the truth until we are ready for it to emerge. For example, I remained in a dysfunctional marriage for 10 years until I realized the purpose of that relationship. That purpose, was to help me discover a deeper understanding of who I was by seeing what didn’t align with my spirit or values. Once this awareness emerged, I began the pride swallowing acceptance of my own responsibility in choosing a marriage with a person who didn’t align with those values. As I did this, I empowered myself to finally take the steps necessary to change my life. However, that choice came with some serious consequences! My ex-wife’s vengeance was so absolute that she made it her life’s mission to make my life miserable, and she knew how to hit me where it would cause the most pain, the separation of me from my only child. It’s helpful to note, that after countless court appearances, I finally came to the realization that it was the “Fight” my ex-wife loved. One day, I had a “light bulb moment” as I realized this battle would never end. As a result, I told my attorney that I would no longer be needing his services, and I told my ex-wife that I wasn’t going to fight with her in court anymore. I re-iterated to her that I wanted to be a part of our sons life but that she could choose the way in which we handled things. This decision didn’t come lightly, because I knew it could have serious consequences! Those consequences were immediately validated as she marched into court and was granted everything she wanted (due to my refusal to appear). Then she decided from that day forward that I would no longer be allowed to have any contact with my son. That meant; no visitations, no phone calls, and I couldn’t even send him presents. This proved to be one of the most difficult and painful challenges of my life! Our son was only four years old at the time and I didn’t reconnect with him until he was almost twenty one. 

Looking back, I’m able to realize what a blessing my relationship with my ex-wife was. Our dysfunctional relationship was pivotal in helping me better understand, who I was and what I truly valued, by experiencing what I was not. I also learned how to deal with the loss of my son. This extremely painful lesson helped me realize that the loss of his physical presence in my life didn’t diminish my love for him nor did it prevent me from being a good father. I learned over the years that being a good father meant setting a healthy example, and that could be achieved with or without my son physically being in my life. 

Of course agreeing to allow my ex-wife to remove me from their lives meant leaving my son with a vengeful mother who had already proved she was willing to make me out to be a monster, and now she painted me as a “Dead Beat Dad” who didn’t love his son and who willingly abandoned him. I was fully aware that these stories about me, left unchecked, could leave long lasting harmful effects on my child’s own self-worth, however, I couldn’t see a better way to stop the harm I was currently witnessing.

This experience, although very painful and difficult, ended up catapulting my life into an entirely new direction as I relentlessly pursued “Truth” in all its many forms. 

Self-Realization is the key to our happiness. Daring to look at the darkest corners of our character and our unhealthy choices can be difficult, but it is the most effective way to change our lives. The key is not to do it with harsh judgment, but with kindness, love & compassion towards ourselves. It’s helpful to remember that the Ego created this story and it is not who we truly are, therefore, it’s not personal. We only make it personal by attaching to it. Realizing this truth makes it easier to take full ownership and responsibility for the choices we made while under the Ego’s deceptive influence. Taking responsibility for believing the story, is how we empower ourselves to transcend it. The limiting thoughts and beliefs, that are part of this story, have kept us from reaching our full potential, along with the happiness and peace we desire!​

In Life Coaching, we briefly look at your past to remove anything that might be holding you back or limiting your potential. After clearing your plate of any limiting stories and un-healthy beliefs, new inspiration will have space to emerge. Then we help you uncover your true values and assist you in creating a pro-active plan that incorporates those values with your new goals. Discovering what truly inspires and motivates you, will give you the strength to take the steps necessary in achieving the life you desire.

Read My Personal Story
Manifesting Consciousness, awakening, self awareness
A personal journey through the awakening process

“The path towards self-awareness and increased consciousness, will be the toughest thing you’ll ever do and the most rewarding!”

~Travis Dumont

Autobiography: Travis Dumont

Travis Dumont: This autobiographical story about my personal internal transformation, was written primarily to example how one’s perception of “Self” can dramatically change through increased Consciousness and Self-Awareness.
I’ve come to the understanding that everything in life happens for a reason and for our benefit. Throughout my on-going awakening journey, hindsight has taught me that this philosophy is true. In fact, my personal experience has been so transformational, that I felt compelled to write about it. 
In our book “Manifesting Consciousness”, I challenged myself to talk about my personal fears and insecurities in an effort to show that many of us share the same fears, anxieties, struggles, un-healthy thoughts, and challenges in life. In addition, I tried not to sugar coat, exaggerate, embellish, over-dramatize, or diminish anything in an effort to keep the information as accurate and relatable as possible. In short, I wanted to keep it real!  
For those who don’t relate to my personal experiences, or if you don’t share any of the same philosophies or values, you probably won’t find my book very interesting. However, for those who do relate to the material, the information and insights contained within the pages can be very transformational because:
“What one man can do, another can do.”
This was an accurate account of how I began to awaken to the reality of my life, despite the fact it was nightmarish in places! For me, the awakening process was not easy. It required extreme dedication to the discovery of “Truth” which meant I had to look at the most undesirable aspects of my character, and the unhealthy choices I had made up to that point in my life. After seeing the consequences and results of living an unconscious ego-driven life, I then had to take full responsibility for all of it so that I could empower myself to make the changes I desired.
Transcending my unhealthy, limited and untrue thinking, revealed to me the amazing life I already had, and it opened up the unlimited possibilities for so much more! Everything happens for a reason and our benefit. We’ve been sent nothing but Angels and opportunities  (no matter what form they may appear in). Knowing this, I only have gratitude for every person and experience in my life, and now, I just want to be of service.
“Thoughts aren’t personal. The only meaning they hold is the meaning we give them.” 
-Byron Katie

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