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Master Programs – Life Coaching – Manifesting Consciousness

6 or 12 month “Master Programs”

6 Month Master Programs with Manifesting Consciousness - Life Coaching
6-Month Intensive Master Program – 26 Sessions
12 month Master Programs with Manifesting Consciousness - Life Coaching
12-Month Intensive Master Program – 52 Sessions

I offer 6 or 12 month Master Programs for individuals who are truly ready to take part in these limited, high-commitment, deeply transformative, coaching opportunities. These programs are for those who want to permanently transform their lives, or for those who want to take their career or life coaching practice to a high performance level. These programs are strictly for serious, open-minded individuals, who truly want to create real & lasting positive change in their own lives, and in the world.

My Master programs are by invitation because I only take on a limited number of clients per year due to the demanding nature and commitment these programs require. For these clients, I try to make myself available whenever they need help or guidance beyond our regularly scheduled sessions. You receive priority scheduling times and between session support. My master programs go beyond my Starter Program to include a condensed, high impact version of Byron Katie’s, Eckhart Tolle’s, and Dr. David R. Hawkins work. I also include personality type diagnoses, dream analysis, and advanced NLP techniques & training.

Here’s the thing, to change habitual beliefs, it requires time and serious conviction! However, my Master Programs will provide the insights & tools you need to be successful. Once you internalize and implement the new insights & understandings I will be sharing, a permanent shift in your consciousness will occur which will significantly improve your life!

It’s time to lift the veil of confusion and awaken to reality. It’s time to see you’ve been living a lie created by the deceptions of the Ego which would have you believe that you are “Lacking” in some way and therefore need something outside of yourself in order to be whole, complete or happy. Here’s the truth: You are not broken! Therefore you don’t need to be fixed! The Ego uses your perceived flaws to keep you believing its lie, which is how you give the Ego your power. Your perceived flaws are actually some of your greatest est gifts, and where you draw your deepest strength from. So are you finally ready to awaken to reality and take your power back? If so, my Transformational Master Programs are designed to help you permanently see & set down the lie while we work together to help you build an amazing, authentic life!

You can learn more about my Master Programs during your free 2hr. session.

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