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If you’d like to get help with; Self-Awareness, Relationships, Career, Health & Wellness, or Becoming A Life Coach, click on the following subjects to learn more about our Advanced Life Coaching Programs

“Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Life is an opportunity to transcend the Ego thereby freeing ourselves form its influence and the struggles it creates.”

My Personal Life

get help with your personal life
  • Determine Main Issues
  • Question Limited Thinking
  • Discover Un-Healthy Beliefs & Causes
  • Acknowledge The Ego’s Deceptive Story
  • Take 100% Ownership & Responsibility
  • Empower Yourself To Choose Differently
  • Discover New Values Without Ego Story
  • Align Your Motivations With Your Values
  • Discover Your Talents, Desires & Inspiration
  • Aquire New Tools To Cope With Life
  • Create Personalized Life Plan
  • Set Goals & Accountability

My Relationships

get help with your relationships
  • Adress Core Dysfunctions
  • Establish Respectful Rules Of Engagement
  • Remove Past Baggage & Issues
  • Define Roles, Boundaries & Personal Space
  • Learn Empathetic Listening Skills
  • Breakdown Unreasonable Expectations
  • Focus On Mutual Core Values
  • Deal With Separation And Divorce
  • Shelter Children From Dysfunction
  • Define Sense Of Self
  • Mediate Healthy Agreements
  • Remove Fanciful Ideas About Relationships
  • Utilize Relationships For Their Primary Purpose Of Mirroring Back To You What You Need To Look At And Work On Within Yourself.

My Career

get help with your career
  • Determine Primary Motivations & Desires
  • Align Talents & Abilities With Values
  • Remove Ego Based Motivations
  • Draw Strength & Insight From Past Life Experiences
  • Outline Life Path From Past To Present
  • Remove Unhealthy Beliefs or Limited Thinking
  • Learn Work Relationship Skills
  • Create Goals: Short, Medium & Longterm
  • Alchemy: Turn Your Lead Into Gold
  • Create Reasonable Plan Of Action
  • Establish Attainable Goals & Accountability
  • Unlock Inspiration & Unexpected Surprises

Health & Wellness

  • Focus On And Treat Whole Individual: Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Utilize & Create Inspired Therapies That Are Effective & Lasting
  • Personalized Strategies To Align With Client

Becoming A Life Coach

  • Complete One-On-One, Face-To-Face Life Coaching Business Program
  • Includes: Life Coaching Certification, Business Model, Business Plan, Website Development, Marketing Strategy
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